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Welcome to our website. We are proud providers of lawn care, landscaping, fall clean up services like leaf removal. We actively serve the area of Madison but also take customers in the areas surrounding it. Our mission is to provide simple and complete service for your lawn needs.

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✮ Fall Cleanup Services / Leaf Removal

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Madison lawn service
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Madison lawn care

Our Madison Lawn Services

Keeping your lawn trim and maintaining that “just cut” look every month of the year is exactly what we do at Sharper Image Madison Lawn Care. More than just a Madison lawn mowing company, we take great pride in ensuring everything about your lawn looks fresh, healthy, and in order. We place attention to detail and an attitude of thorough care at the forefront of our lawn services. We believe this is not only what allows us to consistently deliver results that keep our clients thrilled in the short term but also to deliver healthy, well manicured lawns for many years going forward. By bundling our core grass care services with complementary services like weed control, hedge trimming, crepe myrtle pruning, gutter cleaning, and even pressure washing for your driveway, fences, and home, we aim to give you complete peace of mind. 

Over the last hundred years the American lawn has become a pivot point of neighborhood beauty and pride. And small wonder, few things look as nice as a comfortable house sitting behind a freshly cut, edged, and blown off lawn and driveway. The splash of freshly cut grass in front of your house not only draws out the color of your home, but it sets the comfortable tone for how everything looks. Can you imagine a beautiful Alabama home without a beautiful lawn? As a result, lawn mowing and maintenance services have become vital to every community where grass grows… and rarely does it grow as fast as it does here in the South. Without our sky-high levels of humidity and heat, pretty much everything that likes moisture grows like weeds… especially the weeds! But if landscaping is the core structure that gives your home its look, then lawn care is what keeps it that way. Unless you love spending hours every month outside in the heat, sweating under the beating sun to mow your lawn, use our Madison lawn care services! You’ll be glad you did.

Madison lawn care services

Madison Lawn Maintenance is a Must

When you live in Mississippi, not maintaining your lawn isn’t an option. Try ignoring it for a few weeks and you’ll soon find it knee high already! When you come home after a long day of work, or wake up late on Saturday morning, you’re not going to want to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, pick weeds, or anything that involves hot work outside. Plus, part of the enjoyment of having a beautiful yard is to see it when you drive up after work, or when you get up, steaming mug of coffee in hand and look out the window, surveying your stake in the world. Or you got home late Friday evening, and then had to mow the lawn for an hour in the heat. Or perhaps worse still, you got off late Friday, so you had to wake up early Saturday to get it done… Leave the Madison lawn mowing service to us! This is why you might be interested in using a regular bi-weekly lawn care plans. 

Complete Lawn Care Services

Leave your lawn in the hands of our Madison lawn services and we promise our lawn services will make sure that never happens. We’ll keep your lawn looking great year-round. We will have your lawn in the best shape of its life, and you will never even have to think about touching a mower, edger, weedeater, leaf blower, hedge clippers, or anything that resembles something you use outside in the heat! All you have to do is call us and we will gladly give you a no obligation, free  quote plus a special bonus coupon. Not only can you call us with any questions about your lawn, you can call us about shrub shaping, flower bed planting and flower bed maintenance, and gutter cleaning! Contact us if you’re looking for a hard working Madison lawn company. 

You see, a complete lawn service is actually a combination of many different services, from seemingly straightforward grass cutting service to weed controlhedge trimming, and many others, and others. Cultivating and maintaining a healthy plot of grass and the appearance of your property also differs across the seasons. Far from being just a summer job, maintaining a healthy green yard doesn’t end with summer. We’ve worked hard both offline and online to build a great reputation. If you look up ‘lawn mowing service near me’ or ‘lawn services near me’ or ‘lawn care services near me’ you’ll find us at the top! And we’ll work hard for you too.

Yard Clean Up Services & Leaf Removal

When the growing slows down in Autumn, fall clean up services ramp up. With all the leaves falling, Madison leaf removal and mulching them into the ground to be used as fuel for your next year’s lawn is critical. Bagging and disposing them will simply cost you money, time, and a beautiful lawn in the future. Our Madison cleanup services are some of our most popular for fall clean up and leaf removal. 

Flower Bed Services

Lawn beautification is more than lawn maintenance and makes a big difference in how your home looks is flower beds planting and maintenance. Flowers not only give your home an layer of curb appeal, everyone from your neighbors to strangers driving by will notice the pride you take in your home’s appearance. Gardenias, Chinese snowballs, petite Cherry plum trees,  Snowflake Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Roses, Lillies, Black Eyed Susans, Japanese Red Maple “Bloodgood”, and so many more. Some flowers won’t survive the winter, but others you can plant specifically to add color to your lawn and home during the cold season. 

For example, pansies, ornamental cabbage, and dill are quite tolerant of the colder months and add beautiful foliage to your lawn. Flowers aren’t the only things you can plant in your flower beds, consider white fringetree, sweet pepperbrush, virginia sweetspire, mountain-laurel, and others like yellow azalea! All of these are beautiful and can really spruce up your home’s look if you have them taken care of. And in the spring, planting and maintaining beautiful flower beds can easily be included in our spring lawn services.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is another powerful component of our complete Madison landscaping services. Hedges and shrubs add an additional level of order and structure for your lawn, and if cut regularly, really make your property stand out. Popular ones like Red Buckeye, Tag Alder, Groundsel Bush, Buttonbush, Sweetshrub, and others ranging from tall, short, large, small, colorful, and more muted. No matter what hedges or shrubs you choose, regular hedge maintenance will make a huge difference in how they grow and look. If you have hedges, hedge trimming is a must-have addition to your lawn care company.

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Madison lawn care service

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Madison Lawn Care

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Did you look up ‘lawn care near me’, ‘lawn mowing near me’, or ‘lawn service near me’? You’re in the right place! We are a full scale Madison lawn service which includes everything from regular lawn maintenance (mowing, line edging, leaf blowing, etc), commercial lawn care & residential lawn care, hedge trimming, flower bed services, fall leaf pickup, and much more. Just get in touch with us for a free quote!

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