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Weed Control Madison MS

You can’t eat them, they’re aren’t pretty, and they kill what you’re trying to grow… Weeds are those undesirable plants that serve no purpose. They’ll grow even if you didn’t sow them, they’ll grow where they’re not wanted, and most of all–they’re persistent! It goes a lot further than getting on your hands and knees and pulling up unwanted dandelions. Even commercial U.S. farmers spend billions of dollars every year on weed control. Big or small, weeds are a big challenge in any gardening or lawn care pursuit.

Weed Control

In Mississippi, weeds are especially common, with some species thriving in the hot humidity. There are several that stand out as some of the worst. For example, Barnyardgrass (sometimes referred to as watergrass or summergrass) is a notorious weed here in Mississippi. It can be easily recognized by its purple-tinged stem. One of the things that makes the barnyardgrass weed so bad is that it produces loads of seeds and spreads like wildfire, so it’s best to kill it when it’s young. Having a regular weed routine or service will stop it early and save you a lot of time and money.

Another terrible weed, the Broadleaf plantain weed grows from spring until fall. It produces flowers that grow in every nook and cranny! This weed will even grow between cracks in the sidewalk. If you leave behind the slightest bit of root, the plant will regenerate.

Buckhorn plantain weeds (also referred to as English plantains, lanceleaf Indianwheat, ribgrass, etc) are a common weed with football shaped leaves clustered at the base of the plant. Its leafless flowers stand 24” tall.

Three Types of Terrible Weeds

There are three types of weeds: annual, biennial, and perennial. The most common are annual and perennial.

Annual weeds are characterized by their shallow roots and are easily controlled by hand pulling. For flower beds and small sections of plants, you can minimize the soil disturbance with a narrow blade or knife. This is so you can slice through the roots of the weeds to break their connection to the source rather than pulling and digging them out. Weeds seeds can remain dormant for a very long time.

However, you can help control and stunt the weeds by smothering them out with mulch. Wood chips, straw, or even pine needles can keep the mulch coming and choke out the weeds. Mulch keeps the soil cool and deprive the weeds of light. Young weeds are much easier to eradicate than older ones. Weeds are also much easier to pull when it’s wet. Plan to weed after you water your plants or after it rains. This is a pretty simple way to control weeds, but it’s not a lot of fun.

Perennial weeds, on the other hand, require much more work. Weeds like dandelion and thistle have deep roots that are hard to control by hand-pulling because if a small piece of root is left in the ground, the weed will grow back. Most commonly, perennial weeds require products. Like annual weeds, it’s best to attack perennial weeds when they’re young.

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