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Pressure washing is one of the most immediately rewarding things you can do for your home’s value and appearance. Due to the high levels of humidity we deal with in the south, mildew, moss, and all kinds of green stuff grows on every surface you ignore for too long.

This ends up making whatever its on look old, abandoned, neglected, and rotting. Concrete darkens as it accumulates dirt and grime, looking older and older. Fences do the same. Returning the surface to its glowing former glory will instantly make it look years younger. And the best thing is that about it is that it’s extremely effective for your sidewalk, for your driveway, for your fences, and even for your house.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind a few things about pressure washing. First, it can be dangerous so be sure to handle it carefully, never point the nozzle at anyone, and to wear heavy shoes. If you’re using or around a powerful pressure washer, be very cautious. They can blow a hole through your foot, and that’s not an exaggeration. This is one of the reasons its best to let a professional handle this task because they’re experienced and familiar with the dangers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can overdo it, so be cautious and sensitive to the reaction of the material you’re cleaning. You’ll need to ensure the pressure washer has an appropriate pressure rating with a good flow rate and nozzle. This varies from job to job.

Here are some powerful benefits of this service

1. Save on Repairs by Stopping Mildew and Stains

Deep pressurized washing saves you money by preventing costly repairs to your home. Keeping your home or business’s exterior free from mildew and other growth not only makes it look a million times better, it also prevents damage from those growths and stains.

2. Perfect Preparation for Resealing or Repainting

It prepares surfaces for additional treatment. For example, you might be considering re-sealing your driveway or even painting it to make it look younger. By power washing, as it’s also known, it to purge it of any dirt, grime, or oil, you’ll have the perfect set up for the re-seal. The same is true for your fences and even your house. House washing is a great way to prepare for a fresh coat of paint and can save you a great deal of time.

3. Saves You Time!

It saves you time! Before sealing a surface, applying a fresh coat of paint, or doing any repair work, it can be helpful to clean the surfaces and prepare them for work. There is no way to do this faster than by using a pressure washing service.

4. Complements Your Lawn Service Perfectly

Complements a complete lawn care service perfectly. Nothing adds to a fresh grass mowing, edging, leaf blowing, shrub trimming, and leaf blowing more than returning your driveway and home to its glowing former glory. Visitors will see the pride you take in caring for your home and your neighbors will be inspired to do the same.

Remember, a pressure washer is a powerful tool and if not used properly, can cause serious injury to a person and damage to your property.

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