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Mobile Detailing Madison MS

We bring our car washing to any house or office in Madison Mississippi. Furthermore, we can extend our fleet washing services to after hours and on weekends so you can always give us a call whenever you feel like adding a spark to the appearance of your car.

Our car wash services include waxing, vacuuming, machine wax, hand wax, detailing, buffing, cleaning, polishing, window cleaning, tire shine, glass cleaning, oxidation removal, when cleaning, hand drying, and headlight restoration. We not only clean cars, but we also wash your trucks, boats, RVs, aircraft, heavy equipment, and much more so you can give us a call whenever you need a mobile wash service. 

Below are some car-washing tips we employ that make us the best car wash in Madison, MS.

We use the best car-washing products that are mild and specifically designed for washing automotive paint. We apply the suds using a large soft sponge.

The wheels can get really dirty from grease, rubber, and tar from the tarmac that it picks up. Such stains can be tough to remove and they may call for stronger products. We use soft and non-abrasive materials to remove such dirt. A sponge quickly blackens when used on such surfaces.

If we use a sponge, we use a different one on the wheel and tires that may be having brake dust, sand, and other types of debris that could mar the finishing of the car. Mild soap and water can be handy, or a nice wheel cleaner. We ensure that the cleaners we use are compatible with the type of finish of your wheels.

To avoid water spots, we wait for your car to cool down after running, or after it has stayed in the sun for too long. A hot car dries up water and shampoo quickly forming watermarks and deposits.

We rinse all surfaces using water we we begin washing to soak the dirt and make it loose.

When washing, we concentrate at one point at ago washing and cleaning each section thoroughly before going to the next section. This ensures that we rinse every section before it dries up.

When washing, we make a soap solution that forms a lather. Lather in more lubricated making it better for the painted surfaces. When cleaning the sponge, we use a different container to avoid dirt from mixing in the sudsy washing water.

To dry the car we use chamois that is either natural or synthetic and soft towels. To speed up the drying process we use a soft squeegee with a pliable rubber that first reduces the amount of water on the surface.

Our team of dedicated and experienced car washers will do everything to ensure that your car looks nice, smells fresh, and feels heavenly. Just give us a call whenever, and wherever you need a mobile car wash in Madison, MS. 

Also providing lawn care and home services!


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Mobile Detailing Services

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Mobile Car Detailing (Inside & Out)

Sharper Image Pro is happy to provide full range car wash and detailing services,  including interior cleaning, engine bay detailing, and washing. If you’re looking to impress friends, family, or anyone around you by showing off your beautiful car in its full glory, contact us and we’ll make sure its 100% ready! Or if you’re preparing to sell your vehicle.. nothing increases the value of vehicle more than for it to look great, inside and out. Spend a tiny bit to make hundreds or more back.

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The inside of your vehicle can easily get dirty, especially if you have pets or kids. So we can also clean out the inside of your car and provide full interior detailing services. Per your request, we can:
  • Shampoo all carpet and upholstery
  • Use hot water extraction on carpet, upholstery, mats
  • Use brushes, compressed air, and cleaners to clean all surfaces and crevices that collect dirt.
  • This includes all instruments, gauges, panels…
  • Cup holders, knobs, dials & switches, vents…
  • Windows, moonroof or sunroof, seat belts, console,
  • And much more…

Mobile Washing Services

You’re busy and trying to find a good time to take your car to the local detailing place and then twiddle your thumbs for the next 30-60 minutes while they work on it isn’t always an option, nor is it necessarily the best way you’d want to use your time. Today, you can just call, schedule the mobile car wash or detailing to come to you, and voila, it gets done while you’re doing something else more important or that you enjoy more.

For example, after a long work week, rather than spend Saturday morning taking your car to get detailed, why not spend it with your loved ones while we come to you and wash your car as you enjoy your day? We can even bundle your lawn care with your car care, and you can knock two things off your list with one stone. Get your car washed, CHECK! Get your lawn looking sharp, CHECK!

Whether you just want a quick mobile car washing, interior detailing, exterior detailing, full detailing service, or anything else, we are fully capable and happy to provide those services. Just give us a call. We offer the best mobile car detailing Madison MS!

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Mobile Detailing vs Mobile Car Wash

We have heard a number of clients asking a number of questions. There is this particular question that keeps popping up more often: “What is the difference between a car washing and a car detailing?”

For many Madison MS non-car enthusiasts, the difference is not that loud. However, all people owning cars, whether enthusiasts or not, should consider having their cars having a full detailing service more often. They should also do smaller details to their cars regularly to give their car a brand new look at all times.

You should not worry about driving for miles along the busy Madison, MS streets to get your car, we bring the detailing to you with our mobile car detailing Madison, MS services.

To help you understand the vast benefits of mobile car detailing referred to as auto detailing by some, we will outline the services you would expect when you give us a chance to have your car detailed. Trust us when we say that once we give your car a mobile detailing service Madison, MS, you will never go back to basic car washing.

Exterior car detailing

To start the process off, we first do a thorough wash on the exterior to remove as much dirt as possible. When soap forms, dirt and mud becomes soft and lifts off the surface of the car.

Next, with the use of special brushes and products for when cleaning, our experienced car detailers remove all the must and all kind of filth from the car wheels, lug nuts, etc. the wheels can be really dirty you know!

After cleaning the wheels and other exterior parts, we wash the painted section and dry it from the top to the bottom. We then clay the paintwork to remove any stubborn dirt than might be holding onto the surface of the car.

If need be, we paint the polish to do away with the light scratches, swirl marks and oxidation marks. To polish the paint, we either use the hand or a polishing machine. This step is the most detailed part of the entre mobile detailing process and it can take while depending on the type of car and the state the paint is.

Finally, we wax the paint to give it a protective layer. The wax also gives your car a noticeable shine like the one you enjoyed seeing when your car was brand new.

We then clean and polish other exterior parts like the windows adding necessary finishing touches in all the corners to give the entire car a spark.

Interior car detailing

To do an entire mobile detailing, we ensure that we vacuum and shampoo all the interior car upholstery to do away with stains and dirt. If your car has leather, we often condition and scrub leaving it deeply ingrained.

We also clean and polish the interior glass.

With car detailing, our detailers meticulously assess all the crevice of your car to advise you on the best solutions for every part. That is another aspect that you will miss when you only do a mobile car was Madison, MS.