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Leaf Removal Madison MS

Now that summer’s over and the weather is starting to cool down, it’s time to adjust your lawn care services. As always, keep up the lawn mowing regularly as the season comes to a close, and then regardless of what grass is on your lawn, gradually lower the mower blade each cut. When it’s time for the last one or two cuts of the season, set the mower’s blade to its lowest setting. This exposes the crowns of the grass to sunlight, which is increasingly important as the weather cools off.

Leaf Removal 

Along the same line of thought, it’s critical to keep the grass exposed as much as possible to sunlight over the fall and winter. To this end, as the leaves start falling and forming thick layers all over your lawn, be sure to mulch them thoroughly. This will accomplish two things: The first being it will help your grass survive until spring by keeping it exposed to airflow and sunlight. The second is that, once mulched, those leaves will actually quickly compost and feed the grass over the winter, returning key nutrients from the tree to the soil and everything that grows in it.

Mulching Services

Avoid having to rake, bag, and throw away your leaves! Mulching will accomplish the same result, and save you time and money on fertilizer and other products in the springtime as you try to feed an exhausted nutrient free lawn. By working with the natural cycle of nature and mulching those leaves back into the soil, you will enjoy a more beautiful, lush lawn than ever come spring. The best fall lawn care services will enhance your lawn’s health in the short-term and long-term. That said, if you have your heart set on raking, we can do that for you.

Weed Control

Last minute weed control can be helpful as well. As the summer transitions to autumn, weeds go into hibernation as well and are absorbing everything they can to survive. If you’re comfortable using chemical herbicides, then go ahead and have the weeds treated as they will absorb it quickly and will not return in the spring. If you prefer the organic approach, then have them pulled out early. Many weeds won’t grow over the winter, which will give you a great opportunity to reset your lawn and start spring weed free!

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