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Lawn Care Madison MS

Sharper Image Pro Services provides the highest quality lawn mowing service in the Madison and Rankin County Areas, and it all starts with understanding your lawn at a professional level. Lawn mowing services don’t begin with pushing a mower, they begin the second we see your lawn. You see, there are many factors that go into how to mow a lawn.

A big one is the type of grass that you’re working with. Here in Mississippi we have a lot of Bermuda grass, Centipede grass, St. Augustine, Tall Fescue, and Zoysia grass depending on where you are in the state. Closer to Kentucky you’ll find more Tall Fescue and closer to the coast you’ll find more St. Augustine. Regardless of where you are in the state, you’ll want to be sure what you have growing in your yard before you cut it.

Bermuda Grass

For example, Bermuda grass is a tough and aggressive grass. It’s great at keeping weeds out, it loves a ton of sunlight, and it’s drought resistant. For the same reasons Bermuda grass is great, it can also be hard to keep out of parts of your yard you may have sectioned off for your garden or flower beds. So how’s how to care for bermuda grass: Mow the grass very short (ideally between 3/4” to 1” tall) and keep it short very regularly. Some will say to mow every few days but that’s simply not practical for most folks. Instead, we recommend the next best option of a weekly or biweekly lawn care service. Regularly mowing will also keep the weeds weak and the grass strong, so is a form of weed control.

Centipede Grass

Centipede grass is the best choice for an easy, lower maintenance required lawn. Like St. Augustine, it’s tough and resilient. The big differences are that it likes shade and needs plenty of regular watering and can survive in acidic soil as well as alkaline soil. Caring for centipede grass properly means cutting it about 1.5-2” tall and mowing weekly or biweekly. If you have centipede grass, make sure the soil is kept very wet, but don’t mistake the slightly more yellow green color as a sign that it’s drying out. It has a natural yellow green color, and the best way to check its condition is to check the soil’s water levels.

St. Augustine Grass

Caring for St. Augustine grass is pretty straight forward. It’s not as durable as the others we’ve mentioned so far, but it does well in sun and shade and can handle sandy soil. Cut it around 3” to 4” tall and try to avoid shocking the grass with irregular, heavy cuts. Best to cut it about every week or biweekly during the summer season to keep it looking healthy. While it needs to stay well watered, be careful not to over water it or you might invite pests and disease.

Zoysia Grass

And lastly, how to care for Zoysia grass. Zoysia grass is one of those grasses that require a bit more attention from you, but yields a beautiful elegant lawn when it’s healthy. It prefers shade, can handle slightly acidic soil, and is pretty resistant to droughts. One thing to keep in mind is that it will turn brown during the winter, but that’s not a sign that it’s dead, it’s just dormant and will revive in the spring. To care for Zoysia grass lawn, mow it about 1” to 2” tall and very regularly. The price of having a gorgeous Zoysia lawn is having to keep it short, as it grows very fast and needs to stay short to remain beautiful. Mow weekly or biweekly.

Our team at Sharper Image Pro Services provides more than lawn mowing services in Madison. After all, complete yard care wouldn’t be complete without full weed eating and edging along all areas of the lawn, followed by blowing everything away so it looks neat, tidy, and fresh.

Nothing looks better than a freshly cut lawn! 

If you’d like to explore outsourcing your property cultivation and maintenance to a local team of professionals in your area, contact us and let us give you a free quote.

Lawn Care Cost

The only thing money can’t buy is time already spent, but you can make more time in the future by delegating things you don’t like doing. The small cost of having your property professionally cared for is more than made up by the enjoyment you gain by always having a beautiful home to return to, and the ability to enjoy your time not mowing the lawn, weed eating, edging, pressure washing, trimming bushes and trees, weeding, or cleaning your gutters!

Contact us at Sharper Image Pro Services for a free quote & lawn analysis!

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