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Hedges a big part of American landscaping, and any complete lawn care service will include hedge trimming to complement having a beautiful lawn and garden. They can give structure to a lawn’s layout, and even bloom with pretty flowers as the seasons pass, attracting birds and butterflies.

There are many common hedges, or shrubs, that populate Mississippi. Tag Alder, a tall deciduous shrub can grow to be 15 feet tall. Groudnsel Bush is another that can grow to be quite large, around 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It blooms into lovely white flowers that cover the plant. Butterflies love groundsel bush, so if you love to watch butterflies plant a few these in your yard! Still another is the Buttonbush. It’s very popular among the butterflies, bees, and birds, and features a unusual white globe flower throughout summer. It can grow to ten feet tall. Many others like the hydrangea and gardenia produce gorgeous flowers and are popular too.

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There are many other types of shrubs, bushes, and hedges, but you get the idea.  A good lawn care service in Madison will know how to trim these. You have a great variety to choose from to complement your home and your style. And they can be cared for properly in our complete lawn care services. Don’t be concerned about how large they might grow if left alone, as that is only the possible heights and sizes if you don’t trim them. With proper trimming and shaping you can keep them the size you want them and enjoy the flowers every season.

Certain hedges and bushes should be pruned once a year, others are more evergreen and can be trimmed routinely. Others still, only grow in certain seasons, and so you should be sure to maintain them and keep them trimmed during their high growth season.

​While there are many things around your home you can do yourself, this is one of those things that we recommend you outsource to a professional. If included in a complete lawn care service, bush and hedge maintenance is very affordable and ensures your home looks amazing all year long.

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As always, for all your hedge trimming needs, call us at Sharper Image Pro Services to get a free quote.

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